ME = Paul Matthew Brown

THANKS FOR COMING! My name is Paul Matthew Brown, however I go by Matt, or MattBrown. As Vancouver WA native, I have lived most of my life in between the city (Portland) and the country (most of Clark County.) And thanks to a life long series of contrasting experiences, I have come to value balance and appreciate a multitude of perspectives. Some of these experiences include:

Graduating from the Defense Information School at Ft. Meade, MD, with a focus on Public Affairs-Photojournalism.
Graduating from the Defense Information School at Ft. Meade, MD, with a focus on Public Affairs-Photojournalism.

Growing up with divorced parents who were very different in their parenting styles; playing football, doing wrestling, and enjoying an insane amount of video games and other nerd-like activities throughout school; becoming a highly fit Marine who worked as a photojournalist and a public relations specialist; and presently, attempting be both a good student and enjoying my personal time at Washington State University.

First person in my immediate family to earn an associates degree :D
First person in my immediate family to earn an associates degree 😀

Throughout these few life experiences, I have come to appreciate and understand the importance of balance, not just within my own life, but as a general rule of thumb that tends to lead both individuals and groups toward success.

The antithesis of balance, is obviously an extreme, of which there are usually two in any given day to day event. Always give people money when they ask, or never do it. Grab hold of a religion or political ideology and dig yourself knee deep into a solid foundation of confirmation bias and judgment toward all others with a different standpoint. This act, of digging one’s heels into a belief works for agnostics, atheists, Muslims, Catholics, fascists, communists, democrats, socialists, neo-conservatives, etc.

Camp Pendleton, Calif.– A photo I took in the Marine Corps. It’s almost like a metaphor!

The problem I have noticed, during my life of rapid back-and-forth transitions to humans or situations of differing styles and/or ideologies is that, no matter where one stands on a subject, if they are not willing to listen, converse, or practice empathy, the gaps dividing the two parties tend to grow and become based less on logic and more on emotional security–God forbid needing to rethink our lifestyles and comfort zone.

Camp Pendleton, Calif.– Another photo I took as a photojournalist in the Marine Corps. ALSO kind of like a metaphor 😉 Dig your heels in and you’ll get sore feet.

That isn’t to say, I enjoy going anyway the wind blows, like a Bohemian. Rather, I enjoy constantly checking myself and reflecting on experiences with others as a way to know myself, seek self improvement, and in turn, know others.

OH! And here’s a short list of basic opinions:

-I like video games.

-I enjoy firearms and believe in the second amendment.

-Movies are okay too.

-Reading a good book is like life. Parts are better than others, and when it get’s close to the end, you wish it wouldn’t.. yet you keep reading anyways.

-Red wine, sake, and beer are my favorite alcoholic beverages.

-Family is more important than all of the former.

-The 17th amendment brought with it just as many problems as it was meant to solve.

-Trees and mountains are great.

-Rivers and oceans are also nice.

-Robin Williams and Jim Carrey were my childhood idols. Austin Powers was up there.

Life.. is it not Grand?








Throughout this blog, I will be sharing my opinions on the former items. However,  expect the unexpected.. or expect what you expect because that is unexpected. Thanks for reading, and see you soon!



AKA.. I am not done yet!


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