Final (mostly) Illustrator Logo

Here is comes, so prepare yourself, because I am about to explain the hell out of this project and my current situation (regarding the “mostly” part of the title):

First off, what you will see later is NOT my intended logo, but rather my final logo about two steps before it was slated to be complete. After messing with Illustrator quite a bit, talking to my graphic designer friend, James, and farting around with new ideas during class, I had sent what you are about to see to myself to finish upon arriving home. Expecting my fixes to be quick and painless, this minor procrastination didn’t seem like a poor idea, as I had a short window to get to my advertising class and access the online test in their “safe wifi environment.”

Long story short, my PC, the computer capable of running Ai (Adobe Illustrator, if you are unfamiliar with the program or the acronym used in it’s logo) too a perfectly timed shit on me by deciding to come out and tell me it had a problem some 50-60 characters long. Being somewhat of a dunce when it comes to the actual mechanisms of computing, I gave up trying to fix it after about 20 minutes of different boot techniques. WAIT! That story wasn’t short! (you’ll get over it.. in time. I promise 😉 )

Now that my disclaimer is out of the way, let’s get to the business of discussing my design process, how it relates to my topic, and then get down and dirty in the details of how I actually made it (and what I WILL do to update it in a later post.)

My “design process” was less of a process of design and more like a kid playing with paint for the first time after having watched others do so in the past. Developing the fine motor skills required to wield the paint brush, or in the literal case the initially disjointed artistic tools Ai offers via mouse and keyboard, was key to creating something on purpose, rather than on accident. I needed to create something with design in mind, albeit limited design. I admit, drawing symbols or logos was uncommon for me growing up. Rather, I just drew my own face thousands of times. 😉 That’s not an exaggeration, by the way.

As you will see below, my initial designs were centered around hexagons, 45 degree angles, and my initials. Have these simple goals allowed for flexibility in my learning process with the program.

woof practice

As you can see, there’s a lot of P, M, and B types of shapes and some lovely colors. This was play time. Kudos to you, by the way, if you notice two wings and a tail in this box 😉

After messing around with the shapes and pathways tools, I started messing with the pen tool, knowing that it was a VERY flexible tool for the thoughtful and knowledgeable artist/designer. I started making eyes, feeling sort of lost in the sauce that is the Adobe suite. Once again, I am reminded of how little I know.. about really anything. You will understand once your eyes behold what I had wrought in my next experiment:


As you may have noticed, the eyes are a bit pointer than your average person. I did this because I wanted to combine the image of an eye and a bird. As you can see on the very bottom left of the image, the eyeball, iris, under eye wrinkle, and top eyelash are all things a bird could have in a profile view. This was probably my first attempt at getting creative with the tools. The iris being the the whole eye of the bird, the under eye wrinkly being the lower beak (and a suspiciously fishy beak it is) of the bird, while the upper lash is the stunning mohawk. HA!  Also, if you look to the right, I made a big dumb green thing. It was either a smiley face, looking up toward the left, or a really garbage looking dog. If you can see it, I am proud. If you cannot, I am not.

Then, after talking to my buddy for a while, during some co-op in the game, Destiny, he gave me some pointers and ideas. This led to my (almost) final product. The shape I was most proud of creating, which could be used to produce each of my initials, was the key.

The 3 shape, if altered correctly, can actually become every letter of my name, but more realistically, and with less alteration, each of my initials. Also, I always thought it was neat that it could be a 3, a B, a W, and an M. (Three was my favorite number for years, btw.)

So if you scroll up, you can see that my coolest shape was a double hexagon I had put white blocks onto in order to visualize a concept.

In short, I stuck with my dual nature sort of theme with this logo. The earth and the sky. brown and teal, dreams and reality. The change in color scheme gave me a chance to explore a slightly different theme, than psychological duality. In this project, we explore the duality of the commonalities of mankind. We all have an ideal, and we all have a reality that slaps that dream in the face. (figuratively of course **no dreams were harmed in the making of this logo**) I could expand on this idea for quite a while, but this isn’t a concept which is uniquely me, as was the last final project. Rather, this one is both me and the human collective. The term, “wouldn’t it be nice if _____” comes to mind. I don’t need to explain it.


potential final draft 2

I DO need to explain the technical process though! So here it is, a quick version of what I did for this logo:

So, I took my favorite shape, it was a hexagon, pointy end down, combined with a twin in order to cut it at a specific point. I did this using the pathfinder tool. I then made a rectangle and cut that shape in half, flipped it both verticaly and horizontally, and then made a tool of measurement for the gap in each little body. I ensured this gap was equal to the gap between the juxtaposed shapes. Notice the top of the shape is a “P” shape. This P only exists by cutting the B (or potentially “M” shape had it been rotated 90 degrees). Because the top became an independent thing, it deserved its own color. A tealish blue. The bottom of course is a brown I thought looks nice and light and flat. My last name IS Brown afterall. Regardless, I turned a shape (3,M,E, or W) into a P by cutting it in half. I know this is rather shallow in comparison to my first project, BUT LET ME EXPLAIN!

Had I had access to my PC (which I constructed myself… hence its regular failure. HA!) I would have turned these colors into a shared gradient, thus giving these shapes more of a relationship than the currently have.

I will post THAT unofficial final at a later date. THANKS FOR READING! And my apologies for being anticlimactic.. this is foreign territory, mate.


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