Rough (ROUGH) Draft Logo

Unlike my first project, in which I used Adobe Photoshop, this project has much less direction. I am making a logo to represent my topic, which is me (once again). For acknowledgment of how vain or stereotypical that sounds, please refer to my Photo Collage rough draft post.

My processes for both projects were quite different, and that was directly correlated to my experience with each program. With the photo collage on photoshop, for example, I had been fooling around, albeit lightly, with the software for about 6 years. Ergo, when it came to creating a collage, my primary focus was on the plan, theme, and design aspects. I didn’t really have to puzzle over the technical aspects, as I had grown a level of familiarity with photoshop and could “wing it” as it were.

However, I have only done the tutorials posted below for Adobe Illustrator so all of my time using the program have been me just fiddling around with the controls and trying to figure it out. Luckily, I think some (SOME) of the skills I had from photoshop carried over, which is nice, but not effective enough for me to create a product I am satisfied with. HERE IT IS….:


Now that you have seen it, it is likely that you also see there is no real theme besides the colors and shapes. Yes, those similarities are nice to have, but they don’t tell a story, or illustrate much besides my affinity toward 45 degree angles, and hexagons.

For this project, my process was exclusively experimental. Every time I would turn on Ai, I would simply fiddle around with the tools. Well, today I inadvertently made a cute chevron/wing shape by cutting up some hexagons. I decided, after hours of playing with the program, to create a bird with a brown head that also resembles the shape of the letter “B”. My last name being brown, I thought I might as well make a bird shape as it would allow for three arrow shaped cute chevrons to point toward the brown B with one of my favorite colors inside. (GREEN EYE)

I ended up thinking the project had a somewhat cute look in the end, however, I would NOT want this as an actual representation of my OR my company.. which I currently don’t have. I will focus more on the creative side and try to keep it simple and effective for my final. I look forward to presenting something less embarrassing.. I BRING SHAME TO MY FAMILY!!


One thought on “Rough (ROUGH) Draft Logo”

  1. Matt,

    You are being pretty hard on yourself haha this is a great first draft. It looks like you were able to experiment with Illustrator and incorporate your own vibe within your logo. You did a good job with you color scheme and placing your shapes together and blending them. It has a cool PNW look to it. Overall, i think it could turn out being super cool. Just work on the face and maybe make the colors a bit more vibrant and add a drop shadow to the entire image. Great job though.


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