Final Graphic Collage

My final graphic collage is a test of my photoshop skills and ability to visually portray an idea. The idea here, is that there are always two sides to a coin, and the duality of human beings is something that should be understood from the inside out. Basically, if one can understand one’s self, they have a much higher chance of understanding others, solving problems, and improving the world and their personal lives in a holistic manner. For more information on my feelings on the matter, please refer to the post JUST below this one. There, you will find the reasons for my choice in art and photos, and hopefully come to understand this seemingly self-centered project I have created.

Upon reading my peers’ feedback, along with my professor’s, it has come to my attention that I left a little too much to the imagination and left my canvas a bit empty. The general consensus was that my lower left and upper right corners were nice in conveying their point of balance and the dual nature of self, albeit in an overly minimal way. They felt I could display a bit more of that contradicting nature with that space and that it was a missed opportunity.

In response to this critique, I inserted what I have found to be highly influential: Language. On the left side: Logical and independent, reinforced by my time as a Marine, I inserted a repeating quote. The non-commissioned officer’s creed. An NCO in the military is basically your lowest level of management and is attained once one can prove to their superiors that they are worthy of leadership. I was an NCO for over half of my time in the Marine Corps, and it’s something I worked very hard to achieve, both physically and mentally. In other words it means a lot to me and represents a large portion of who I am at this moment.

On the right side, the black side, of my collage, you have my creative and playful side. Fittingly, I inserted the dialogue from Monty Python and the Holy Grail into the barren space. One of my favorite scenes, the lines hiding in the highly opaque lettering are the exact words of my favorite scene from that movie: when Tim the Enchanter points out the killer rabbit just before the end of the film. I used this dialogue to represent that side of me because it too, is highly representative of that side of my self. Humor, playfulness, and irony, all rolled into one. HOW FUN! Growing up as a chubby kid, I had to develop a good sense of humor in order to compete for a place in the unspoken competition for status and mating rights. Ergo, humor too, is paramount to who I am.

After deciding on quotes that would more accurately reflect the story I am trying to portray through the collage, I added to lines to keep the eyes from drifting. Using the same color scheme as before, green and its inverse, I created two blocks to reach behind the lettering and connect the center to the photos. on either side. Hopefully, this will encapsulate the visual cues I have created, and reinforce the northwest to southeast flow I have established.

At long wait, here it is 😀 I hope you enjoy viewing it at least a fraction of how much I enjoyed creating it!

EDIT- [September 20, 2014 — 4:15pm]

It turns out my primary computer’s monitor runs a bit dark (it’s an old hand-me-down) and I have been told me left edits are impossible to view unless you tilt your monitor a lot. So I went in and made my left edits about 15% less opaque. Now, I present to you, my FINAL final edits. Sorry about that!

collage draft 3-Recovered

Until next time: Goodnight, and good luck




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