What is this blog? Why do it?

As you may have read from the “About” section of this blog, my name is Paul Matthew Brown, and I am a student at Washington State University as of the publishing of this post.  I have created this blog in order to hone my skills at creating an online persona and maintaining an effective online presence through the use of blogging and the creation of multimedia content.

Due to the broad reasoning behind the creation of the blog, I figured it might be wise to allow the topic of the blog to remain equally opaque. This blog will simply be about:


Still here!
Still here!

I won’t be writing hundreds of boring stories about pooping my pants, nor will I be complaining about not being the studliest young lad at my old high school. Rather, I will share some of my most memorable experiences by making a collage, likely full of recent and old photos alike and reflecting my life as an adult. This is including but not limited to my time as a Marine Journalist and Clark College student.

I will then make a logo which will be a first, as I have never used Adobe inDesign before. Likely it will reflect some of my favorite things, or perhaps even a bit of my philosophy, if I get creative enough with the tools at hand.

Later, I will be messing around with video and audio editing, and as that will be farther in the future, I will likely be using a lot of video game audio and video to showcase my play style, personality, and share my opinions about current software and hardware.

All of this I plan on making a fun and productive learning experience that will push me toward three of my career goals and help me grow more as a person and less as a PROCRASTO-BOT.

Those three goals are:

-Video game journalist

-Video game industry Public Relations specialist.

-Voice actor.

I will try to set it up so comments will be easy to make and even easier for me to receive. Please feel free to leave any feedback or critique and I would be happy to attempt to learn from it–however, if you feel like being a jerk, perhaps go read a Yahoo News article, because they love that sort of thing there ;p



Close to my home town of Vancouver, WA. I love our geography here, but I won't marry it.
Close to my home town of Vancouver, WA. I love our geography here, but I won’t marry it.

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